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Team Leasing

Our Team Leasing cooperation model serves you the collective expertise and competencies of an entire team of Digital and IT specialists across a wide breadth of functional roles. It's an ideal cost-effective choice for businesses that have limited capacity to deliver on demanding, time-sensitive projects or those implementing a new project that goes beyond the skills available in their primary talent market.

Address market changes, fast!

With Team Leasing, you can quickly fulfill any discrepancy in your business’s human capital and be readily prepared to tackle any emerging demands from your market.

Cut your recruitment overheads

Our consultants specialize in recruiting highly qualified domain experts with experience in different industries, so you can save time and money by delegating exhaustive and expensive recruitment processes to us.

Open, by default

We always maintain open and consistent communication throughout the entire process, ensuring that close feedback loops grant all parties flexibility, efficiency, and visibility.

Location flexibility

You can opt for distributed teams, collocated, or a hybrid of on-site and remote. 78% of our specialists have at least 2 years of experience working remotely, making onboarding and collaboration across time zones as frictionless as possible.


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